NUGA Structure $ Governance

Nigerian University Games Association(NUGA) is a body enshrined with the responsibility of ensuring regular, orderly and peaceful organization and conduct of Sports and Games amongst Nigerian Universities. The Association is a specialized organ of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors, taking care of the sporting aspects of inter-University cooperation.


Nuga comprise three organs of governance:

  • The General Assembly,
  • The Council and
  • The Executive Committee

The General Assembly

The supreme policy- making body of NUGA is the Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities meeting in a special session adopting programmes of activities of NUGA upon recommendation of Council. The general assembly admit new members, approve budgets, approve and amend constitution of NUGA when necessary, formulate rules and regulations for NUGA on recommendation of Council and attend to other matters as placed before it by Council or members of the Association

The Council

The Council draws up programmes of activities of NUGA, prepare the budget and other estimates, recommend venues for all Games and take action on other matter referred to it by the General Assembly or Executive Committee

Membership of the Council shall consist of three representatives of each member University, namely Chairman of Sports Council, the Director of Sports and the Student's Sports Secretary; All members of the Executive Committee; representative each of the Federal Ministry of Education, Federal Ministry of Sports and Social Development, the National Universities Commission, the Committee of Vice-Chancellors.

Events and activities:
  • FASU Games, held every 2 years (even years) with participation of national teams
  • FASU Championships, held every 2 years (odd Years) with participation of individual universities
  • FASU Pre-Games Scientific Conference, organised on the sidelines of the FASU Games
  • Secretary Generals’ and Student Leaders’ Seminar, held every two years
  • Various Zonal Games, organised every two years
Executive Committee:

The NUGA Executive Committee meets at least once a year to take all the significant decisions necessary for optimal organisation functioning. Members are voted in except the Secretary General.

Get to know all of NUGA’s Executive Committee Members, from the President and Vice-Presidents to all members

Current Executive Committee: