NUGA Volunteers

The Nigerian University Games are high-level events that take place every two years and provide an opportunity for university student-athletes from all over the country to embrace FISU's motto of 'Excellence in Mind and Body'. This project was birthed following the success of the volunteer system at the 26th edition of the NUGA games in the University of Lagos. It was pertinent that such efficient system is replicated in other Nigerian universities in order to aid the facilitation of subsequent NUGA event across Nigerian Universities.

This project aims to take Nigerian student volunteers through a series of training on topics such as volunteer management, social media management, graphic designing, video editing and project management. The aim is not only to utilize these volunteers in NUGA events and activities but to expose these volunteers to community projects and interventions and to develop the volunteer culture in Nigerian universities.

The system will include the following:

  • Possess training curriculum for recruited volunteers
  • Possess different roles for volunteers
  • A maximum amount of months before graduating as a volunteer

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